Your Last First Time

try something new

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? The last time you did something for the first time. I’ll bet it has. So easy for all of us to get into a comfortable groove. Same routine day in and day out. Easy peasy. And why not stay there? We’re all super busy with jobs, business, kids, housework,…

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Leadership Needs Vision


People will only follow a leader who has vision. No one will follow, work for or go the extra mile for a leader who does not have a clear vision. It is a waste of their time and energy. Your tribe needs to see you working towards a worthy goal, one that they can relate…

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Are you Debbie Downer or Polly Positive?


In our last post we talked about the importance of proactively maintaining a positive mental attitude (PMA). Truly impactful leaders need to focus on choice. Using that gift of choice a leader can stay positive, optimistic, excited and hopeful and powerfully ignite passion and action in her followers. Have you assessed your PMA lately? Give…

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Leadership Requires A Positive Mental Attitude

Attitude Is Everything Concept

One of the key elements to your leadership success formula is your ability to maintain a positive mental attitude. You will no doubt encounter challenges, problems and nasty situations as you grow as a leader. But with a positive mental attitude you can quickly address and move through those issues, learn from them and become…

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Build Your Leadership Brand With A Solid Leadership Foundation


To reach your big goals, impact the world as you are destined to do and build great wealth along the way you must become a leader. No question about that. So where do you start? Or how do you elevate yourself to the next level? There are 3 high level steps you need to take.…

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Be Remarkable Every Day


It’s really quite easy. And I will show you just how easy below.  Remarkable is defined as “worth notice, exceptional, striking.” No matter what you are trying to accomplish in your life right now … whether it be building a career, growing  your small business or raising a family (Or all 3 of those!)… being…

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What Is Leadership?


I’ve seen and heard this question a thousand times if not more. There are so many variations of the definition of leadership. If we did a search on this question on Google we could write a good size book just listing all the definitions. But one thing would pop out at as us … there…

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2015 – The Year Of The Leaderess

Women are natural leaders….Most of us just haven’t realized that yet. 2015 is the year of the Leaderess … the remarkable female leader. Our mission at the WLTI is to inspire, train and develop each and every woman to reach deep inside and awake her inner Leaderess! Your potential as a leader in your field, your…

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