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Business person in front of a staircaseOur mission is to inspire, train and mentor women as they move into leadership roles, both formal and informal, and as they expand their impact in their markets, careers, families and communities.

The next round of women leaders are going to make history. There is no better time to be a woman and there is no greater need for more women leaders than right now. Women possess the compassion, empathy, intuition, ability to connect, ability to process multiple bits of information at the same time and many other core qualities that are essential for positive, impactful leadership in today’s world. With a bit of encouragement, confidence building, skill shaping and cheer leading, more women will step up into leadership and we will see the exponential, positive affects in our very near future.

At WLTI, our programs will develop the necessary leadership skills in our next group of impactful female leaders and will provide a solid foundation and support structure for these impactful leaders to truly step into their greatness and make this world a better place!

The WLTI was founded in 2013 as a local institute conducting leadership workshops and one on one leadership coaching. WLTI has expanded its reach by embarking on our online journey in 2015. There is no turning back now! Our reach and impact will be felt in small business, corporate, family and community and we are extremely excited to help you reach your goals and embark on your purposeful leadership journey.

Allison Higgins2We encourage you to stay connected and sign up for our newsletter right now! There is no downside .. please don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of the biggest leadership movement this decade! You are destined to make a difference and create a big impact. You will need leadership skills and support to reach your goals. Don’t wait … join us in our mission today!

Big steps, big impact, big hugs!

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